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06 Vauxhall is your first choice for any new or used Vauxhall in west Lancashire - and we can always offer you great car finance deals on car finance whether in Liverpool, Ormskirk or Skelmersdale.

As well as the full range of the latest Vauxhall models, including Adam, Corsa, Astra, Insignia, Zafira and Mokka, we offer a full choice of car financing solutions, to put your ideal Vauxhall within your reach.

Whether you’re looking for a car loan to help you buy your first car, or want to trade up to something bigger or more luxurious, 06 Vauxhall has something from the current Vauxhall range which will be just right for you.

And we let you finance your car the way you want to - whether low monthly payments are your main requirement, you want competitive, and even subject to availability, no-interest finance, or need the security of knowing that your chosen Vauxhall is yours to keep at the end of the loan period.

Our sales staff are all FCA-trained, so can talk you through your car loan options, so that car financing isn’t all just a jumble of numbers, but is explained in clear, easy-to-understand terms.

We want you to be as comfortable with your choice of car finance deals as you are when you’re sat in your new Vauxhall. So we’ll take all the time needed to explain the ins and outs of our hire purchase (hp finance) and personal contract plan (PCP finance) finance schemes, so you can be sure of choosing the one which best suits your needs.

We’ll also be happy to value your current car, so you have a good idea of how much you’ll have towards the price of any of our new Vauxhalls or Network Q approved cars.

If you’re a business customer, and want to know more about our latest Vauxhall leasing deals, then please click here.

At 06Vauxhall, we’re keen to see that the numbers add up to help you find car finance Ormskirk, or car finance Skelmersdale, which makes owning and running your Vauxhall convenient and stress-free.

So drop into your nearest 06Vauxhall showroom today, or check out our latest offers on a range of Vauxhall models here. When you’ve set your heart on a new Vauxhall, and you want to be able to choose from the best current car financing options available, we’re your number one choice across West Lancashire.

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