Why The OnStar Is The Pinnacle Of Car Safety

At the Geneva Motorshow on March 3rd 2015, Vauxhall unveiled their revolutionary personal mobility and service assistant OnStar, which automatically screens your location and provides instant emergency services in the case of a crisis, in addition to converting your car into a hotspot for WiFi connectivity.

Having won the Business Car Techies Award for Innovation this August just gone, the OnStar is scheduled to be rolled out into virtually all new Vauxhall models this coming October.

Available in 31 countries across Europe, OnStar offers:

  • Automatic Emergency Services in the event of a crisis. Equally, it can be employed to aid others you might spot in need of assistance.
  • Breakdown Assistance and Recovery via Vauxhall Assistance road recovery with your breakdown location capable of being sent to the team via your car’s GPS system.
  • A Portable WiFi Hotspot. Your car’s antenna connects to highspeed internet services, meaning even in low mobile coverage areas, you can connect your phones, tablets and laptops to an active, mobile WiFi.
  • An Easy To Access Vehicle Diagnostic via our accompanying app, which will tell you the levels of your oil, your tyre pressure and more.
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery. In the horrible event your car is stolen, OnStar can locate it at all times and put a block on the engine to prevent it from being restarted by the thief. We will also report their location to the police.
  • OffStar’. Of course, if you’d prefer to drive autonomously, you can switch off all OnStar services, including GPS. OnStar will not attempt to access or transfer your location, unless the car is obviously entered into a state of emergency for example, the tripping of the airbag.

How It Works

Vauxhall OnStar optimized cars come with three buttons located on the car roof, just above the rear-view mirror.

These three buttons are located conveniently to be of immediate access to the driver or front passenger and are located separately from the central dashboard, to eliminate the chance of the buttons being pressed in error.

The Black Privacy Button will mute the OnStar services and disable it’s GPS tracking, except in the case of an emergency.

The Blue OnStar Button connects you to our dedicated team of OnStar advisors. This is the nonemergency line and is available for services such as car diagnostics for example if a warning light has displayed on your dashboard local hotspots, such as cinemas, petrol stations and pubs in a strange area and traffic updates.

The Red SOS Button is the OnStar’s coup de grâce. It provides an immediate priority line to our advisors whom, in turn, can supply emergency services with your location via GPS, meaning accidents can be reported and responded to in the fastest time. If you were to be in an accident and unable to speak for whatever reason, pressing the SOS button alone would be enough. If the button is pressed and the advisor receives no immediate reply to their greetings, they assume the worst and pass the location to the emergency services.​​

A Safer Drive. An Easier Ride.

The role of a car has changed in the past twenty years. Beginning with cassette players and continuing to this date with integrated TV screens, the car is no longer simply a tool to drive from point A to point B. It has instead and like everything else become a multimedia centre for individuals and families alike, and can become a fragment snapshot of a person’s identity.

Vauxhall have been working hard to fully integrate the technological revolution into our cars.

In addition to infusing new OnStar vehicles with powerful and reliable internet connectivity for the whole family's entertainment, OnStar means your car has never been more strongly proofed against unexpected threats and dangers as it leads the way in progressive car safety.

Final Thoughts

One of OnStar’s most prolific selling points is its adaptability across Europe. Available in 31 countries and all respective languages, OnStar can help you find what you’re looking for abroad, whether it be for business or personal holiday.

In addition, OnStar cars are fully capable of complete WiFi hotspot connectivity in 10 countries across Europe , including Germany, Spain & Italy.

Available free for a full calendar year from each vehicle's registration date, OnStar will equally be available to all future used cars that have it installed you will simply need to press the Blue OnStar Button to talk with an advisor and have the service registered in your name.

Vauxhall are determined to pave the way forward in integrating the experience of driving our cars into the still young 21st century. OnStar is the latest stride along the long and broad line of vehicle technology integration and as the service continues to unravel into all our new cars, we hope to see more and more of you enjoying the benefits of a dedicated internet and customer service team soon.