Take Advantage of Nitrogen Tyre Inflation at 06 Vauxhall

Local retailer, 06 Vauxhall, with sites in Ormskirk and Skelmersdale, is delighted to announce it is now able to offer its customers the use of a Nitrogren Tyre Inflation Machine.

The only Vauxhall dealer in the area to have one, the Nitrogen Tyre Inflation Machine takes air out of vehicle tyres and replaces it with the gas, making it safer to drive.

The gas will also ensure tyres have the correct pressure and, in turn, save on fuel economy as under-inflated tyres cause resistance, whereby more power and fuel is needed. Additionally, nitrogen gas can also extend tyre life.

John Dickson, Managing Director at 06 Vauxhall, comments: “We want to help our customers any way we can, so it gives us great pleasure to be the only dealer in the area to have the Nitrogen Tyre Inflation Machine.

“The new machine will not only save our customers money but will also help to ensure their safety when on the road, which is a big priority for us. We'd like to encourage anyone who is interested in replacing their tyre air with nitrogen to come down to the dealership and see what we can do for you."

If you would like to try out the new Nitrogen Tyre Inflation Machine, or to find out about the vehicles in the Vauxhall range, please locate your nearest 06 Vauxhall by visiting: www.06vauxhall.co.uk