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Donate Whatever You Can To Help Wonderful Maddi Get Treatment For A Rare & Fatal Disease

This is Maddi. She’s a charming and thoughtful 15year old girl from Essex, who last month received the heart-breaking news that she had been diagnosed with an extremely rare and violent disease called Krabbe Disease.

The disease is the loss of a vital body enzyme which protects the nervous system across our entire body including our brains and will eventually cause them to wither and ultimately fail.

The disease is so rare that Maddi is the only recognised case in the UK and the rarity of her disease means that UK doctors have recommended she visit a renowned specialist of the disease in the United States for a consult and bone marrow transplant.

The transplant will help to stop the degeneration of this enzyme and protect Maddi’s organs, giving her the best possible opportunity to continue pursuing her passions in drama and prevent the disease from taking everything from her.

However, right now it seems like Maddi has an impossible mountain to climb. To get Maddi to the states and get her the transplant she needs, she and her family need to raise a mammoth £300,000.

However, this is not impossible. In fact, if everyone you know donated as little as a few pounds and everyone they know did too, Maddi’s lifesaving transplant will be funded in a few hours!

It’s for this reason that we’d like as many people as possible to share the cause and donate as much or as little as you can afford!

Please visit Maddi’s fundraising page here:

Have a read of her wonderful story so far and please spare whatever you can to help her beat this disease! Share the page amongst friends and family and give Maddi a chance.

One last thing, when you donate, we’d really appreciate it if you could include ‘06 Vauxhall’ as apart of your donating name, just so we can see how much we’ve helped to raise for Maddi.