Getting any part to help repair or customise your Vauxhall is easier than ever these days, thanks to the extensive parts shop at your local 06Vauxhall dealer.

The showrooms in Ormskirk and Skelmersdale both have large stocks of parts to help you give your Vauxhall the finishing touches. And with their fully-equipped workshops, they can even make sure that all additional parts you choose for your car are professionally fitted to the highest standards.

So in this article, we give you a short tour of the official products available, and outline the benefits of making sure that you choose genuine Vauxhall parts.

Our One-Stop Bits And Bobs Shop

Your gateway to the full range of additional genuine Vauxhall parts and accessories available is the official Vauxhall parts store.

This has a massive range of extra factory-supplied and approved parts for sale. So whether you’re:

  • Towing
  • Carrying
  • Protecting
  • Styling, or
  • Adding extra safety features

You’ll find a massive range of competitively-priced parts in our online store.

In this article, we’ll take each of the above circumstances in turn, and direct you to some of the products which can add to the usability and practicality of your Vauxhall, whichever model you run.

From Adam to Zafira, there’s a huge choice of extra parts which you can order from 06Vauxhall, and have them supplied and fitted by us. So you can be sure of getting the same quality service and workmanship as you’re used to from us when you bring your car to us for any servicing or repair work.

Let’s start with the first big task on our list:

Adding More Pulling Power

Even if you run a compact Vauxhall Adam, there might be times when you want to escape into the country - and take your bike with you. So we can supply and fit an extension kit to allow you to carry a third bicycle on the back of your car.

Carry That Extra Load With Extra Style

Cargo boxes and liners also ensure that you can keep all your luggage safe and protected from the elements.

Base carriers for roof boxes are also becoming increasingly popular as Vauxhall owners look to maximise the carrying capacity of their vehicles without paying too much of a penalty on its handling. For example you can kit out an Astra with a set of roof carrying bars for a very reasonable sum, giving you the added flexibility of being able to add extra roof-mounted storage to your car whenever you need it.

Keep Your Body Looking Beautiful

There are lots of small but thoughtful additions which you can add to your Vauxhall which nevertheless do the useful job of protecting the exposed parts of the car’s body from the knocks which inevitably arise from day-to-day use.

You’ve probably thought from time to time how irritating it can be to have lots of odd items rolling about uncontrollably in your car’s boot - but there’s an easy and effective solution, which can also stop the exposed metal in the area from taking some nasty knocks which may eventually become unsightly, and even dangerous, rust spots.

Our solution to this problem is a Corsa boot storage box, or if you drive our 4x4, you could opt for an Antara FlexOrganiser load restraining net. Both of these offer practical solutions to the problem of loose items rolling around in your boot. Don’t forget that in the event of you having to stop sharply, any items stored without restraint in there will become like mini missiles, and so could cause considerable damage to your interior.

One of the banes of loading luggage into and hauling it out of your car is having to pull it over the lip formed by the bumper of your car. It’s there to do a valuable safety job, but it can be a major irritation if you regularly have to lug heavy items over the top of it. There’s also the major risk that impact damage will eventually take its toll, and leave unsightly body blemishes.

So say goodbye to the danger of sustaining unsightly body blemishes, and fit an Astra rear bumper protection foil. Or if you regularly keep large amounts of luggage in your car, you can protect the whole floor surface and sides of the boot floor with a lightweight but effective luggage compartment liner.

Stylish Little Extras

Our sharp-looking little city car, the Vauxhall Adam, is almost infinitely customisable, And here at 06Vauxhall, that individuality starts right at the bottom, with the wheels. The black alloy of the wheels can be set off effectively with one of our sets of colourful Adam wheel clips, which come in the colours to match your car’s bodywork. A set of black foil decals can also be bought to liven up your Adam’s paintwork even further. While you’re at it, there’s little more irritating than finding that you’ve sustained a blown bulb in your car. But we have the perfect answer to ensure that you never get left in the dark - an Adam spare bulb kit, which contains a full set of bulbs and fuses, all contained in a neat little carrying case which is ideal for storing in your glove compartment so that it’s ready for action when you notice your Adam isn’t quite blazing the same bright trail as usual. It’s also the law that you should carry a set of spare bulbs for your car if you take it to many countries abroad - so we could just as easily have included this item under our next heading...

Stay On The Right Side Of Foreign Law

If you take your Vauxhall abroad, some countries require you to carry a red warning triangle and fire extinguisher in your vehicle by law. It will only cost you a few pounds to buy one direct from us, so why not add one to your shopping basket today, and potentially save yourself a nasty hit in the pocket which could put a real dampener on your holiday?

So now you know that our official Vauxhall parts and accessories store is about far more than sets of floor mats, why not take a closer look at how we can help you make your Vauxhall truly your own? You can browse our site and order your items at leisure, or contact us, and we’ll assemble your order ready for you to collect from either our Ormskirk or Skelmersdale dealerships when it suits you. If you prefer, our factory-trained parts staff are on hand to guide you, and can arrange the fitting of any of our items.