Vans are the workhorses which power so many British businesses, yet blog writers and other people involved in marketing motor companies’ products all too easily overlook them.

That’s probably just because they might put in a good shift, time and again, but - well, they aren’t very glamorous, are they?

But the tens of thousands of drivers and owners who run Vauxhall vans aren’t really sold on their looks. What they want above all else is something which will keep the wheels of their business turning, fetching, carrying and doing the unglamorous yet essential work that’s needed day in, day out.

So we’ve decided to start 2017 at 06Vauxhall by throwing the spotlight on our range of various vans, and will aim to show you how wide the range is, and the sheer variety of tasks they’re suited to.

Keeping British Manufacturing Alive - In More Ways Than One

Last year, Vauxhall launched a major drive to increase awareness of the fact that its best-selling Vivaro van still rolls off the production line at its Luton factory. In addition to this, the company says up to 40 per cent of the components of each van are also made in the UK.

This led to it joining the Made In Britain Campaign to trumpet the fact that its vans still have a high proportion of home-built components. So if your business is keen to support British business, buying a Vauxhall Vivaro van is one of the best ways you can do it.

Just under half of the 60,280 Vivaros built at Luton in 2015 found homes in the UK, the company says, pointedly adding that, since big rival Ford closed the Southampton factory which had been synonymous with the Transit van for so many years, its best-selling van was “the sole flag bearer for UK van manufacturing”.

But the Vivaro isn’t the sole van we sell - here we present a model-by-model rundown of the range, along with some choice comments and details of awards each one has picked up during its career.

So if you’re using the start of a new year to plan starting a new business, or formulate the way forward for an existing one, check out our range below, then be sure to contact us to find out more, or come and see us at our Ormskirk and Skelmersdale showrooms.

Corsavan - The Little Van With Big Aspirations

If you need a small van with bags of style and which runs rings around the opposition in the style stakes, then the Corsavan should be on your wanted list.

There’s been a panelled, load-carrying variant of the Corsa for more than 20 years now, and this has seen it run alongside four generations of the standard Corsa hatch. It’s available with a choice of two petrol and one diesel engines, and while some rival manufacturers have pulled their van versions of their most compact cars, the Corsavan wins out on running costs, comfort and styling, which say the experts at Parkers guides, has helped it keep a loyal following. They also pointed out that its solid car-based underpinnings mean “the Corsavan benefits from a very sleek and modern interior, with a black two-tone dashboard, steering mounted controls and a DAB radio with USB and Bluetooth connectivity.”

Even the base models come well-kitted out with standard features including remote control central deadlocking, electrically operated windows, electrically adjustable door mirrors and speed-sensitive power steering. So if you’ve never driven a van before, and only need something with modest carrying capabilities, you’ll find the step up to a new Corsavan a doddle.

The Ideal Combo?

Next up in size is the snappily-named Vauxhall Combo. This is fairly and squarely a van, with a boxy appearance. But if you find its looks oddly familiar, this shouldn’t be a surprise, as the model is the result of a meeting of minds between Vauxhall and Fiat, whose Doblo van is a popular choice among drivers looking to marry up the driving ease of a standard car and the space and versatility offered by a small van.

A standard full-height steel bulkhead gives the Combo an edge over its rivals, and there are two payload sizes available, taking the maximum load up to a class-leading 1,000kg.

Servicing intervals of 12 months or 20,000 miles also mean the Combo should need very little down-time, so you should find it maximises the time it can spend earning its keep.

Vauxhall has recently added a petrol variant to the existing line-up of 1.3, 1.6 and two-litre diesel engines, but it sells most of the smallest-engined diesel model, which has proven to be a popular power plant that’s been soldiering on for about a decade at the time of writing - a clear case of ‘if it’s ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.

Summing up its virtues, Auto Express said the Combo was “good to drive, [with a] class-leading payload, [and] standard full-height steel bulkhead”.

This kind of van is especially at home around town, and so Vauxhall has fitted it with a number of handy features to enhance safety in busy traffic and areas where space is tight, such as optional rear parking distance sensors to give you audible warnings when parking or reversing, while the preparations for Bluetooth® and satellite navigation are there to keep you connected and on track.

Four Great Reasons To Buy With Our Latest Deal

The latest 4x4x4x4 offer from 06Vauxhall is specifically designed to give you control over your buying and running costs. The four elements are:

  • Four years’ 0% representative finance (minimum 20% deposit)
  • Four years’ free scheduled servicing, up to 80,000 miles on Corsavan and Combo models. Includes all routine parts and labour, but not wear-and-tear items or other items not included under the routine maintenance schedule.
  • Four-year manufacturer’s warranty, also subject to the same 80,000 maximum mileage as above, and
  • Four years’ breakdown assistance, provided by the AA, including Roadside, Home Service, Relay, Onward Mobility and European Assistance.

Our smaller vans are the perfect pick if you’re starting up in business and want to do so with versatile transport which is easy to live with and brings all the benefits of our cars, such as being easy and convenient to drive and park in towns, and needing only minimal space for parking when you’re not using them.

We Can Service And Repair All Vauxhall Vans

While at 06Vauxhall we major on selling the smaller vans in the Vauxhall range, our technicians are factory-trained to be able to repair and maintain any model.

So if you’ve already got a larger Vivaro or Movano van, and are looking for a team you can trust to keep it running, give us a call to discuss your needs. With access to full dealership facilities, you’ll be assured of top quality service, and access to factory parts, so your van will stay running reliably and earning its keep.

On the other hand, if you’re starting up in business during 2017, and want reliable, adaptable transport to get you on the move, then our Corsavan or Combo models could be just right for you - and with the benefit of the brilliant four-star package outlined above, you’ll get complete peace of mind.

With the current 4-in-1 offer, you don’t have to even worry about many of the usual concerns of running your own business transport, as all your servicing needs are taken care of, and you’ll be kept running thanks to our free breakdown assistance. You can even save yourself more time and trouble by simply booking your van service online.

Taking the plunge and investing in a new van for your business is a big step - but at 06Vauxhall we’re doing all we can to put you on the road to success with our current deals, which take all the worry out of running and maintaining your business transport fleet.

If your business needs to get moving for 2017, get in touch with 06Vauxhall today to discuss your needs. Then come down and take a look at our Corsavan and Combo models, and we’ll be happy to show you around them and arrange a test drive.Text here ...